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Guy Martin Spannerskull Black Cut Vinyl Sticker

Guy Martin Spannerskull Black Cut Vinyl Sticker

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Guy Martin Spannerskull Black Cut Vinyl Sticker. This black, hand-designed masterpiece is not just any sticker - it's a statement of your love for all things Guy Martin.

Made to last and easy to apply, this durable vinyl sticker will elevate any surface it graces. Embrace the thrill of the open road with this long-lasting piece of Guy Martin merchandise. Check out our video for a seamless application process.

How to apply:

1. Select area to apply sticker
2. Clean and degrease area, ensuring there are no loose, dusty or greasy areas on the surface to be used. (isopropyl alcohol is our recommended degreaser, but any kitchen degreaser will work well)
3. Thoroughly dry surface
4. Lay the transfer sticker on a flat surface and peel back the thicker, lined backing paper.
5. Carefully line up your vinyl sticker with your cleaned surface, and working from the centre, gently press out the sticker towards the edges to ensure no creases are formed.
6. Once the full area of the sticker is applied, vigorously rub on the backing paper to ensure good adhesion.
7. Working from a corner, carefully peel back the backing paper.
8. Done!!
  • 150mm x 106mm
  • Black
  • Guy Martin merchandise
  • Spannerskull design
  • Hand designed
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
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